What is your skin care routine?

What is your skin care routine?

Finding a consistent skin care regimen is important as you get older, especially when it comes to the prevention of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of aging.

Including products with anti-aging ingredients into your skin care routine will not only help slow-down the aging process, but also help your skin look younger, fresher and brighter. For daily skincare, people should add the following anti-aging ingredients into their skincare routine:

1. SPF 20 or higher: The sun can damage your skin causing wrinkles if you’re not careful. Without protection, the bright and powerful UV rays from the sun speed up the aging process and will cause wrinkles, age spots and freckles. Be prepared and always apply sunscreen before you head out the door.

2. Vitamin C: Your skin depends on anti-oxidants like Vitamin C. Anti-oxidants prevent your skin from free radicals. If your skin lacks in Vitamin C, the less protection you have against these free radicals like UV light from the sun, speeding up the aging process and causing damage to your skin. Including Vitamin C into your diet can also increase collagen production and normal skin cell repair and growth.

3. Vitamin E: This reliable vitamin works from the inside out. Mostly consumed through olive oil, leafy vegetables and eggs, Vitamin E helps your body run smoothly and skin look healthy.

4. Peptides: This smart ingredient tricks your skin! Peptides are able to convince your skin into thinking it’s making less collagen than normal, leading your skin to produce more. Collagen is necessary for a tight, smooth skin, and by increasing the amount of collagen production in your skin, the aging process will take longer…helping you look younger than before!

5. Growth factors: These proteins are a natural part of our body’s function, providing communication with the cells in the body. They take part in letting the body know if the skin needs to be healed. By helping cellular growth, providing structure and maintaining function in the healthiness of your skin, growth factors should be included into your skincare routine.

At AlluraDerm, we carry several products that you can use to improve and maintain healthy-looking skin. Try SkinMedica’s C+E Complex for age defense. This formula has 15% stabilized Vitamin C and E and provides antioxidant protection.

Also, look into SkinMedica’s TNS Recovery Complex and/or TNS Essential Serum. This treatment serum and gel combine the highest levels of growth factors for replenished, younger-looking skin.

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