Botox Benefits

What is cosmetically better?

The alarm clock sounds, you roll out of bed, look at yourself in the mirror….and realize, “Oh my! I’m not in my 20s anymore and neither is my face!” Those crinkling lines on your face may be crowding your space.

Wrinkles are by far the worse signs of aging when the rest of your body feels like it could run a marathon and looks like it belongs in your 20s! Of course, the word surgery freaks you out, but worry no longer, as AlluraDerm offers a beneficial treatment to erase those crow’s feet and improve the age of your skin.

Beneficial Botox®

In most cases, surgery is not a plausible solution for people, and can become very costly. Well, as an alternative to wiping your face free of wrinkles that may be crowding your smile, AlluraDerm offers Botox® treatments!

Botox® is capable of relaxing your facial muscles which creates smoother and wrinkle-free skin. This injectable solution is a better way to reduce your wrinkles than any other invasive cosmetic surgery. Anything is better than spending a day under the knife.

Cosmetically Better

At AlluraDerm, Dr. Mancha may apply an anesthetic cream, making the process painless and can be performed in the office. Aside from minor side effects, Botox® injections do not need necessary recovery time. Normally, you can return back to work or your daily activities immediately following your treatment.

Dr. Mancha is the leading Botox® provider, and is the only Diamond physician in New Mexico. To find out if you are a perfect candidate for Botox®, Dr. Mancha will provide you with a FREE consultation.

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