Contact us for more Botox® information.

Contact us for more Botox® information.

Now is the time to look younger, and rid your face of the fine lines and wrinkles that have been crowding your complexion. Thankfully, technology such as Botox® has given AlluraDerm MD Med Spa the opportunity to wipe away years from your face without intrusive surgery, giving you little-to-no down time.

Botox® has created the ability to treat brow and forehead lines and as the leading performer of Botox® injections in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dr. Mancha has answers to your most common Botox® questions.

How long does Botox® last?

Lasting up to 3 to 4 months, Botox® injections are known to last longer due to the consistency and duration of usage, the dosage injected and the experience of the injector. Thankfully, Dr. Mancha is a Black Diamond Provider with Allegan, noting his extensive experience and superior service providing Botox® injections.

When will Botox® start to work?

More often than not, Botox® will start to take effect after 3 to 5 days, leaving your skin tight, rejuvenated and free of wrinkles.

How much Botox® do I need?

Depending on the severity of the frown lines and wrinkles you’d like to erase from your face, the amount of Botox® will vary. To truly determine how much Botox® you will need, Dr. Mancha provides a free consultation focused on your medical history and will examine your face before treatment.

Will Botox® hurt?

No. Dr. Mancha applies a topical anesthetic cream, making the procedure painless.

Will I look frozen with Botox®?

No. With the right amount of Botox® determined in your consultation and the experience of your injector, your face will look natural. As the leading doctor in New Mexico for Botox® treatments, Dr. Mancha provides the best experience and service when it comes to the procedure.

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