Get the results you've always wanted.

Get the results you’ve always wanted.

You made your Botox® appointment at AlluraDerm MD Med Spa and are now anxiously awaiting your treatment. You know the basics about Botox®: it is a purified protein injected into the facial muscles to smooth out wrinkles and give the skin a more youthful appearance.

Now that you’re ready for your Botox® treatment, let’s discuss five things you should know before your appointment:

Botox® can cause bruising. The best way to avoid bruising from Botox® is to avoid alcohol and anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin about a week prior to your Botox® treatment. Bruising is fairly uncommon, but if you experience any, it is usually short-lived. We also recommend discontinuing fish oils, omega 3’s & vitamin E one week prior.

Be patient with your results. Botox® usually takes about three days, sometimes more, to show noticeable results. Be sure to schedule your Botox® appointment about four weeks prior to an important event—that way your Botox® is in full-effect and your results will be optimal.

Think preventative. One of the wonderful things about Botox® is that it causes wrinkles to disappear not only in the short-term, but also long-term. Wrinkles appear less severe over time as your muscles become accustomed to being less active.

Don’t touch the treatment area. Do not massage or touch the area where Botox® was injected for several hours after the treatment. Doing so could cause Botox® to spread to unintended muscles.

The most important thing when getting a Botox® treatment is choosing the right doctor. If you’re getting your Botox® treatment at AlluraDerm, you are already in good hands. All of our Botox® and Juvèderm is injected by Dr. Victor Mancha, who is in the top 1% of Botox® providers in the world.

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