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Category Archives: CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting®: The Who, What, Why, and Where

A slim, toned body is a sign of health and fitness in any season, but small pockets of stubborn fat can keep people feeling like they need to cover up throughout the year. With summer quickly approaching, more patients are asking how CoolSculpting at our Albuquerque medical spa can help them look and feel their […]

CoolSculpting® or KYBELLA: Which Is Best for a Double Chin?

It is a myth that only morbidly obese people have double chins. In fact, if you look around, you will notice that the slim, elegant lady sipping coffee next to you has a double chin, or your fit running buddy with a 6-pack has a double chin. One study suggests that 68% of people have […]

3 Reasons CoolSculpting® Works For Men

CoolSculpting® — sound familiar? Chances are you’ve seen it on the news or in advertisements, or heard about it through friends or patients’ rave reviews on This popular fat-freezing treatment is a highly effective procedure for men here at our medical spa in Albuquerque. Whether you’re looking to slim the fatty area around your […]

CoolSculpting® Just Marked a Major Milestone

A recently reported milestone is shedding light on the growing popularity of CoolSculpting for non-surgical fat reduction. The folks at ZELTIQ® Aesthetics, the company behind CoolSculpting, announced recently that it has shipped its 2,000,000th treatment cycle. ZELTIQ estimates that achievement amounts to the treatment of about 500,000 people worldwide. CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared treatment that […]

Is It Painful? 3 Truths About CoolSculpting®

Is It Painful? 3 Truths About CoolSculpting® More people are visiting my medical spa in Albuquerque with questions about CoolSculpting. It’s no surprise, considering the latest statistic related to this non-surgical fat reduction technology: In 2014, the number of non-surgical fat reduction treatments (such as CoolSculpting) increased by 43%, according to the American Society for […]

1 Reason You Are Not Losing That Stubborn Fat

If dieting were easy, it is safe to say we would all be the ideal weight and proportion. As you know, though, it can be extremely challenging and often frustrating. As a physician who specializes in cosmetic enhancement, I have become very familiar with the struggles that keep men and women from reaching their physical […]

When Diet & Exercise Are Not Enough

Every winter, I meet more than a few men and women at my Albuquerque medical day spa who resolved to get fit in the New Year but found that the combination of diet and exercise just wasn’t enough to get rid of that muffin top or spare tire. I have 2 words for them: You’re […]

CoolSculpting®: The Battle of the Bulge Meets the Battle of the Sexes

We all know that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but no matter your sex, chances are you’d probably like to move down a couple of notches on the proverbial asteroid belt. And by “asteroid belt,” I mean your actual belt. CoolSculpting is one treatment that all my Albuquerque patients love, whether […]

CoolSculpting® in Albuquerque: Q&A With Dr. Mancha

CoolSculpting has been at the center of much attention lately, due to both its popularity during the summer months and increased awareness of this relatively new technology. Most recently, this non-invasive, fat-freezing treatment graced the pages of The New York Times in an article that traced the roots of body contouring procedures in the country. […]

What CoolSculpting® Can Do for You

As we enter the second month of 2014, you may notice you’ve lost weight due to your New Year’s resolution, but still have stubborn fat hanging around your body. So how do you reduce the fat in these troubling spots? Albuquerque Effective Fat Reduction The best way to reduce fat from your trouble areas like […]

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