As we enter the second month of 2014, you may notice you’ve lost weight due to your New Year’s resolution, but still have stubborn fat hanging around your body.

So how do you reduce the fat in these troubling spots?

Albuquerque Effective Fat Reduction

The best way to reduce fat from your trouble areas like your thighs, belly, and back is CoolSculpting®. When a healthy diet and daily exercise won’t work, CoolSculpting® is the best option. The procedure is long-lasting and done in half the time.

This state-of-the-art treatment is non-invasive and can help you lose stubborn fat without the complication of surgery and downtime.

Unlike other fat reduction treatments, CoolSculpting® is an in and out of the office treatment and with DualSculpting®, you can treat two areas with CoolSculpting® at the same time, reducing your overall treatment time.

How Does It Work?

No matter how often you follow a strict diet and work out, stubborn fats cells living in your love handles or back bulge are not really going away. CoolSculpting® has the ability to freeze those fat cells, and make them disappear.

The CoolSculpting® process targets fat cells and freezes them underneath the skin, without needles and no scars. It’s simple. After a couple months, you will see quite a difference, resulting in a body worth showing off! An added bonus—those fat cells are gone for good with healthy nutrition and exercise.

Professional Albuquerque Medical Spa

AlluraDerm MD Med Spa is the leading provider of CoolSculpting® in Albuquerque. If you are suffering from body fat that just won’t go away, Dr. Mancha can help.

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