Long Lasting Eyelashes

How to get longer, lasting eyelashes…

If you are looking for a cure for your thin, sparse or light eyelashes, you’re probably deciding between options like eyelash extensions and Latisse®.

We—AlluraDerm MD Med Spa—want to encourage you to take the Latisse® route for a more permanent solution to your eyelashes.

If you are unfamiliar with lash extensions, the technique consists of weaving false lashes into real lashes, and gluing them in place. It lasts longer that traditional false lashes, but extensions have several drawbacks compared to Latisse®.

Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Lashes

The strength of your real lashes may not be enough to have lashes attached to them. This can lead to a permanent loss of your lashes if they are pulled out or otherwise damaged by lash extensions.

Glue is used to keep lash extensions in place. Not only is this messy, but if you are allergic to the glue you could have a painful reaction.

Unlike Latisse®, eyelash extensions must be replaced every six to eight weeks, a major investment in your time.

Why Choose Latisse®?

We went over the reasons we don’t prefer eyelash extensions, but what makes Latisse® so much better?

Latisse® takes a little bit of dedication—you have to apply it every night—but the results are long-lasting and more effective than lash extensions.

Rather than messy, dangerous glue, Latisse® is a liquid easily applied to the upper eyelid with a wand.

That’s it. No weaving, no gluing. Just eight weeks to fuller, longer, darker lashes. After you’ve reached full benefits at 16 weeks, you’ll move on to a maintenance dose and use Latisse just three to four times a week.

Call AlluraDerm for Latisse®!

Latisse® is only available through prescription. If you want to grow your lashes in a safe, effective way, call AlluraDerm at 505-821-9630 to set up an appointment with our staff.