Only a professional chemical peel will accomplish your desired results.

Only a professional chemical peel will accomplish your desired results.

Now that the windy and rainy season of spring has passed us, it’s time to regenerate and rid your face of those old skin cells that have been gathering on your face. Old cells that have been collecting on your face are ultimately causing your complexion to look dull and ashy, when you want your skin to glow this summer!

Solutions to free your skin from aged skin cells and have it shine more than ever does exist. One of AlluraDerm’s solutions is a chemical facial peel. At AlluraDerm MD Med Spa, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we provide many peels including one of the best facial peels by SkinMedica® that can help your skin look younger and vibrant for the summer season.

Is it safe?

At AlluraDerm, we make sure that our chemical peels are based on specific skin types and the skin conditions that you may have. We take the time to study your skin type and understand the make-up of your skin to ensure your face receives the best treatment possible.

A professional chemical peel is the best solution to spruce up your facial complexion in a safe way. Normally, over-the-counter (OTC) peels are “buffered” down meaning that a 2% salicylic OTC peel is not the same as a 2% salicylic peel in a physician’s office or a medical spa.

In any case, having a professional look over your skin before performing a chemical peel is important. Buying an OTC facial peel without understanding your skin type is unsafe. Consistent irritation and redness could be prolonged and cause your skin to be uncomfortable. Improper peels can also stimulate unwanted pigmenatation.

A Smart Solution

A chemical facial peel can combat the signs of aging of your face such as wrinkles and blotching. Facial peels remove the outer layers of the skin or epidermis. This allows the skin to become more permeable to nutrients.

Smooth skin, reduction of fine lines and scars, and suppler looking skin is only some of the benefits of a facial peel. They also reduce uneven pigmentation and prevent future acne breakouts.

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