Exfoliating for your skin type will keep your skin looking great.

Exfoliating for your skin type will keep your skin looking great.

If you’re seeking a fix for dry, dull skin, exfoliation helps bring life back into your skin. At AlluraDerm MD Med Spa, we provide professional exfoliation services, including microdermabrasion and chemical peels in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

One of the most common questions we hear from patients is whether or not they should exfoliate at home and what type of exfoliant is right for their skin type. For most skin types, exfoliating 2-3 times per week is fine, but whether or not to use manual or chemical exfoliants is largely dependent on your skin type.

Who Benefits from Exfoliation?

Just about everyone benefits from regular exfoliation, no matter the skin type: oily, dry, mature, acneic. And because everyone benefits from exfoliation, you need to exfoliate for your specific skin type.

Dry Skin: If your skin tends toward tightness, choose gentle chemical exfoliants and those that contain moisturizing exfoliants. Enzyme exfoliants are often preferred by those with dry skin.

Sensitive Skin: Choose super-gentle manual exfoliants to prevent allergic reactions and irritation. SkinCeuticals® Retexturizing Activator is a good exfoliant choice for sensitive skin.

Oily Skin: The oilier your skin, the better it can handle exfoliants. Opt for a mechanical scrub that removes oil and dirt from the pores. Try SkinMedica® Skin Polisher.

Mature Skin: Mature skin benefits from exfoliants like glycolic acid and retinol that target fine lines and hyperpigmentation. You may benefit from Vitalize® Peels by SkinMedica® at our Albuquerque medical spa.

Acneic Skin: Chemical exfoliants work best on acneic skin. Congested, acne-prone skin may need a salicylic or glycolic acid a few times per week to decongest pores. A retinol is usually a “must” with acneic skin.

Choosing the right exfoliant doesn’t necessarily have to be a trial-and-error process*. The skincare experts at AlluraDerm can help you understand what your skin needs to be bright at our med spa in Albuquerque, NM. Contact us at 505-821-9630 to schedule a FREE consultation!

*SkinMedica® and SkinCeuticals® pharmaceutical-grade skincare lines offer a variety of exfoliation products.