With the holidays winding down, it’s time to get a kick start on your New Year’s resolutions! We know how resolutions often come with an expiration date, that by Jan. 3, we’ve thrown in the towel. But this year’s going to be different. Instead of logging tireless hours at the gym, visit AlluraDerm MD Med Spa for clinically proven non-surgical body contouring treatments that work wonders to accomplish your goals.

It’s time to tackle stubborn fat and sagging skin once and for all! Here’s a look at three body sculpting solutions to help you achieve the body confidence you deserve:

1. CoolSculpting® non-invasive fat reduction

Despite a healthy lifestyle, many of us still have problem areas we’d like to tackle head on. CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared to destroy that pinch-an-inch fat using advanced cooling technology, cryolipolysis. Once your targeted fat cells are disabled, they’re naturally flushed from the body in the weeks and months following your treatment. You may start to see changes as quickly as three weeks after your treatment and will experience the most dramatic results after two months. AlluraDerm MD is proud to be the TOP CoolSculpting provider in New Mexico, helping our patients achieve effective body sculpting and contouring on the abdomen, back, double chin, thighs, underarms and more.

2. Kybella® double chin treatment

Is a double chin dragging you down despite your best efforts at dieting or exercise? It might be time to consider Kybella®, the world’s first FDA-approved injectable for submental fat reduction. Kybella is made of a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule that helps the body break down and absorb fat. Once injected, Kybella immediately starts breaking down targeted fat cells and revealing gradual fat reduction in the weeks and months following treatment. We’re proud to be one of the first med spas in Albuquerque to offer Kybella, helping our patients achieve a smoother, sleeker neck and jawline and a refined profile without surgery or significant downtime.

3. Thermage® Body RF

For improved contours and tighter skin on your face or body, Thermage Body RF may be an ideal treatment for you. As the industry’s gold standard for non-invasive skin tightening, Thermage helps tighten lax skin around the eyes and face, smooth dimpled skin from cellulite and diminish fine lines and wrinkles without downtime. Thermage can also help you get your body back after weight loss or pregnancy by tightening, firming and shaping your arms, thighs, buttocks and midsection. Its revolutionary blade-free cosmetic technology uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to target the deepest layers of your skin and stimulate collagen growth. Plus, Thermage is a one-time treatment, revealing optimal results four to six months following your session.

We can’t wait to help you achieve total body confidence in 2023! Get started with the AlluraDerm team today by calling (505) 821-9630 or requesting a consultation online today.