Thermage is a non-invasive procedure of tightening, smoothing, and contouring the skin. The procedure makes you look younger and fresher. The face, eye area, lips, forehead, and other regions of the body can all be treated in a single session. It is suitable for all skin colors. The process is quite safe.

Treatment Options

Treating tired-looking eyes – Your eyes will look brighter and tighter without the need of any injections or surgery.

Contouring and cellulite – This treatment can sculpt and contour numerous areas of the body. Cellulite and dimples can also be reduced.

Getting a younger-looking face – Loose skin will be tightened, and your face will look younger and firmer.

Thermage can also be done along with other cosmetic procedures. It is compatible with laser skin resurfacing, Botox injections, and soft-tissue-filler injections.

During the Treatment

During treatment, radio frequency waves are applied to the skin. A handpiece with a smooth flat tip is used to apply these energy waves. The radio frequency waves penetrate the deep layers of the skin to heat and tighten the collagen and enhance the production of new collagen.

The time taken for each session depends on the body part being treated. The face takes about 45 minutes, whereas the whole body will take at least 90 minutes. Generally, it takes only one session to achieve desired results.

Alternating and very short periods of deep cooling and heating sensations will be experienced on the body part being treated. The handheld device is responsible for these alternating sensations.

The heat comes from the deeper layers of the skin receiving the correct degree of heat to tighten the skin. The cold feeling is from the protection applied to the skin’s surface in order to avoid any damage from the heat. Your doctor will keep asking you about the degree of heat you can tolerate so that you are not caused any discomfort during the treatment. You will not experience any pain.

Through treatment, saggy skin becomes tightened; the surface of the skin becomes more textured and smooth; contouring improves; and the skin looks very shiny and young. Tired-looking eyes get a lift.

You can return to your normal activities immediately after the treatment and no special care needs to be taken. You do not have to worry about avoiding the sun after the treatment.

Your Results

Depending on the area that you have treated, your eye bags will have reduced in appearance; the wrinkly, saggy skin elsewhere on your body will appear tighter and smoother; and any cellulite and dimpling will reduce considerably. The condition of your skin and your age determine the outcome of the Thermage procedure.

Some results are visible immediately, and the others develop over time. The production of collagen continues, so the results are an ongoing process. Contouring and tightening of the skin happens gradually between two and six months after the treatment. The effects can last for a year.

Schedule a Thermage Consultation

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