Aging affects your skin in obvious ways. The skin of the face especially shows visible signs of aging. Dullness, roughness, age spots, and wrinkling are common issues that can make a person look older than they really are.

While many people opt for facelifts and other such procedures to get back their young and glowing skin, these may not be ideal for you if you do not wish to go under the knife.

However, there are many treatments that let you get your younger-looking skin back without having to opt for surgery. Clear + Brilliant skin treatment is one of these options, and it’s becoming quite popular.

What Is the Clear + Brilliant Skin Treatment?

Clear + Brilliant is a gentle cosmetic treatment that addresses the early signs of facial aging through the use of fractional laser technology. It promises improved and even skin tone, smoother and suppler skin texture, and overall younger-looking skin.

The results of the procedure are immediate, and they improve with time. The moment your skin heals completely, you will be able to see a visible difference in your skin, and the results will only get better over the next few days.

Clear + Brilliant treatment essentially creates multiple microscopic zones of treatment in your upper skin layers. This eventually replaces the damaged skin with healthy new skin cells.

The Treatment Process

If you have decided to come in for the Clear + Brilliant treatment, you should first schedule a consultation with Dr. Lam. He will examine your skin, check your medical history, and then determine if the treatment is suitable for you. If so, he will recommend the most suitable Clear + Brilliant treatment regimen for you.

At the start of the treatment, a topical numbing cream will usually be applied to your skin to minimize any potential discomfort. The Clear + Brilliant handpiece will be used to apply the laser energy to the designated areas of your face.

This session will take around 25 to 30 minutes. You may feel minor burning or tingling during the treatment. This should subside once the treatment is over. A topical antioxidant cream or serum will be applied to your skin immediately after the treatment. In some cases, a bio-cellulose masque is also applied for about 15 minutes after the treatment.

The number of treatments that you need is customized to your requirements. Patients usually see visible improvements after four to six treatment sessions. Many patients also choose to have regular Clear + Brilliant treatment sessions as a part of their skin-care routine.

After the Treatment

A week or two after a patient’s first Clear + Brilliant treatment session, their skin will look brighter and feel softer. Many people have also reported improvement in their skin tone. The length of time that results will last depends on factors like age, the condition of the patient’s skin, and their skin-care routine.

The Clear + Brilliant Choice

Make the choice to rejuvenate your skin – contact the office of experienced physician Dr. Nicholas Lam for a Clear + Brilliant consultation.