Fraxel re:store has revolutionized laser treatment techniques and promises a more rejuvenated look than other laser techniques on the market. It removes signs of aging that appear on the skin and can make you look younger.

Be it sun damage or wrinkles, Fraxel re:store can do wonders for your skin. The results are remarkable and can make you feel great about the way you look, boosting your self-confidence.

Recently, Fraxel technology upgraded their procedure to the Fraxel re:store DUAL laser system, which promises even better results than the previous version.

Fraxel re:store DUAL

The Fraxel re:store DUAL laser treatment is the bigger and better version of Fraxel re:store. The new treatment uses non-ablative skin resurfacing to deliver exceptional results without a great deal of downtime. The latest technology brings out the youthfulness in your skin without affecting your daily routine.

The new Fraxel system has FDA approval for the treatment of sun-damaged skin and periorbital wrinkles. Additionally, it can treat acne scars and melasma, a skin discoloration that occurs after pregnancy.

How Does It Work?

The most important characteristic of this system is the wavelength used. The new wavelength gives the Fraxel system an edge over the other laser treatment options.

The old 1,550 nm re:store wavelength has been used by physicians to treat stretch marks and burn marks. The new system uses the 1,927nm wavelength, which can be used for treating pigment irregularities. It can be used to address multiple problems in the whole body with very little discomfort.

This laser treatment focuses on aging cells and targets them with microscopic laser columns. The laser columns penetrate deep inside the skin to speed up the reconstruction of collagen. The laser targets small areas of tissue at a time and leaves the rest of the tissue intact. By doing so, the healing process moves at a faster pace.

Prior to the laser treatment, your skin will be cleaned of all dirt and dust. Then, a topical anesthetic cream will be put on the area that is to be treated. It takes about half an hour for the entire face to be treated.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits of this laser system are numerous and include the following:

• Smooth and youthful-looking skin
• Improved skin tone and texture
• Removal of dark spots from the skin
• Removal of wrinkles in the face and around eyes
• Complete removal of surgical scars and pregnancy marks

How Long Do the Results of the Treatment Last?

How long the effects of this treatment will last depends on the condition of your skin and which parts are being treated. Taking good care of your skin after treatment will make the effects of the treatment last longer. After an examination of your skin, your physician may be able to give you a general estimate.

Find Out More During a Fraxel Consultation

Before getting a Fraxel re:store DUAL treatment, you will need to consult with Dr. Nicholas Lam, a well-respected physician. To learn more about the treatment process and your results, contact our office and schedule an informative Fraxel consultation.