Imagine not having to go through life with blotchy facial skin, age lines, spots, acne, or scars. It may sound like a dream, but the fact of the matter is that you can have pretty skin without having to go under the knife or get an invasive procedure. Firm skin that is plump and extremely healthy can be yours thanks to a chemical peel!

A chemical peel works quite well and is a technique that improves the quality and texture of your skin with the use of a chemical solution. This can be applied on the face, neck, and hands to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scars, spots, and other aesthetic skin issues that trouble your complexion.

The Consultation

Before any treatment, you must consult with a qualified physician. He will analyze your skin and recommend the best solution to the problem. It is essential to let him know if you have any underlying skin problems, as this can affect one’s suitability for the procedure. Generally, if you have a multitude of wrinkles accompanied by age spots and would like to change the way you look, a chemical peel is the answer.

The Peel Procedure

At the clinic, your skin will first be prepped using a thorough cleaning. A chemical solution containing chemicals like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, or phenol will be applied to the targeted areas of the skin. The patient will feel a slight tingle or even a burning sensation, which is natural and no cause to worry.

Since this is an outpatient process, you will not have to stay overnight. Once the peel is completed, which can take about 45 minutes, you often can apply makeup and get back to the office or home. This will depend on the strength of the peel.

After the Peel

After the peel, the skin is extremely sensitive to the sun, and so it is wise to avoid heavy sun exposure and other temperature extremes. Always apply a sunblock cream suggested by the physician. The skin is new and therefore needs to be looked after even more, so it is advisable to stay away from the stove as well.

To be able to experience the full benefits of the chemical peel without any issues, make sure that you follow the post-treatment rules laid out by your doctor as closely as possible.

Your Results

After the chemical peel, you will have younger-looking skin without free radicals. Now that you have the best skin in the crowd, the only concern is to take care of it. As stated earlier, avoiding the harsh glare of the sun will be extremely beneficial down the line.

If you notice the signs of aging creeping in after a while, you may be able to return for the same peel treatment you had previously. Visit your physician, and if he gives you the go ahead, come in for another revitalizing peel.

Schedule a Consultation for Your Chemical Peel

At the office of skilled physician Dr. Nicholas Lam, patients experience quality chemical peels and a number of other aesthetic treatments. Contact our office if you would like to arrange an appointment for a chemical peel consultation.