Facial peels are becoming increasingly popular. Why? Because they work so well. Some of the most effective peels on the market today are SkinMedica Peels.

Chemical peels have been around for ages. In fact, people have benefited from the effects of chemical peels from the time of the Pharaohs. Did you know that Cleopatra used a blend of sour milk and lactic acid to make her skin glow?

Though the word “chemical” might sound a bit unnerving, SkinMedica chemical peels are absolutely safe and are used by millions of people around the world. These treatments help combat a plethora of skin issues, from uneven texture and fine lines to acne scarring and dark spots.

How Do Facial Peels Work?

Today, medical professionals have access to an array of peels made of different acids, including salicylic, trichloroacetic, and glycolic acid. These acids interact differently with skin proteins and also work at varying depths of the skin.

During treatment, when the peel is applied on your face, the acid works gently but effectively on the epidermis and dermis skin layers depending on the type of peel used.

Because different peels target varying levels of skin imperfections, they range from mild to moderate to deep. A higher-concentration peel works on the deeper layers of the skin and is typically used to treat more severe skin issues.

The treated layers of skin are exfoliated and the production of collagen is boosted, which in turn tightens the skin for a younger-looking appearance.

What Are the Benefits of SkinMedica Facial Peels?

Since they are formulated with a unique blend of the finest ingredients using state-of-the art technology, SkinMedica Peels are extremely effective and even work on several skin tones and colors.

A SkinMedica Peel can:

• Reduce fine lines
• Decrease the appearance of wrinkles
• Make skin smoother by eliminating rough and uneven skin texture
• Give the skin a rosy glow
• Create a more uniform complexion (and work well with varying degrees of pigmentation)
• Moisturize the skin
• Restore fresh and supple skin

Because SkinMedica facial peels are very safe, you can have repeat treatments to achieve greater rejuvenation. The duration between each sitting will depend on the type of peel used.

Patients notice amazing results after the first treatment. These results just get better with time as new collagen continues to be produced, dramatically reducing imperfections to achieve radiant skin.

How Do I Choose the Perfect SkinMedica Facial Peel?

Once you try out SkinMedica’s facial peels for yourself, you’ll understand exactly why they’re so popular. To get started, contact our office for a consultation with experienced and skilled physician Dr. Nicholas Lam.

During your consultation, Dr. Lam will examine your face and then the two of you will discuss your aesthetic goals, along with your complete medical history.

Dr. Lam will help you choose a SkinMedica facial peel with an acidic concentration that will best suit your skin’s type, texture, and condition. You can also look at before-and-after photos to decide on the right peel option for you.