Changing weather and climate have an adverse impact on our skin, and pollution doesn’t help either. The skin that is most exposed, our facial skin, faces the brunt of the damage. Often, we end up looking older than we are or lose the luster of our skin, making our skin look colorless and dull.

Laser treatment is an effective option for skin issues. However, because there are so many laser options, it can be difficult to decide on the right one to come in for. Some are very intense and can cause a great deal of downtime. If you’ve just heard about an amazing upcoming event and you want to look your best for it, you may not have time to heal from an intense laser treatment beforehand.

There’s a new laser technology on the market that is gaining popularity by the day because of its amazing features. It’s called Clear + Brilliant. Here’s why it’s getting so popular:

• It has almost zero downtime. Other laser treatments require at least a week’s time for the skin to heal.
• It costs less than most of the other popular laser options on the market.
• It can be used safely on all skin tones.

How Does It Work?

Clear + Brilliant minimizes pore size, smoothes out rough skin, and removes spots. It also brightens skin, improves tone, and restores radiance to your skin.

This procedure uses fractional laser technology that only targets the treatment areas without affecting the surrounding tissues. Because of this, the surrounding tissues are able to help heal the treatment zones more quickly. This treatment also makes the skin more permeable, which means that the skin will be more receptive to skin care treatments.

What makes Clear + Brilliant stand out is that the laser energy is absorbed by the water present in the skin and not by the dark and white pigments. That is why people of any skin tone can benefit from this treatment effectively. The heat applied to the skin tissues increase collagen production.

Irregular coloring and pigmentation often happen when the sun’s heat damages the cells, which either results in the cells creating too much pigment or none. That is why we end up having dark or white spots, creating an uneven tone. This laser breaks up all the irregular coloring with targeted heat.

The treatment can sting a bit, so we can apply a topical anesthetic to help numb the treatment area. After treatment, the face might feel a bit red and puffy, but within an hour or so, the swelling and the redness disappears. Some people experience a sandpaper-ish feeling for a time, which can lead to temporary minor skin flaking and shedding. The skin feels fresh and rejuvenated within five days of the treatment.

Making an Appointment for a Consultation

To discover more of the benefits of Clear + Brilliant laser treatment, contact our office and arrange a consultation with experienced physician Dr. Nicholas Lam. Dr. Lam will be happy to answer any questions you may have.