The eyes are one of the most noticeable and beautiful parts of anyone’s face. Long, full, deep lashes can draw attention to the eyes. Unfortunately, eyelashes often degrade over time in length, color, and strength due to age, exposure to harsh environmental issues such as sunlight and pollution, and lack of certain key nutrients in the diet.

While false eyelashes and mascaras do improve the overall appearance of the eyelashes, they are temporary measures and will not last. Growth serums are often used to ensure the growth of thick eyelashes.

Latisse is one of the most popular eyelash-growth solutions on the market. This serum is given to patients only via a proper prescription from Dr. Lam. Application can result in longer, stronger, and darker lashes, along with new lash growth to fill in bare patches.

What Is Latisse?

Latisse is an FDA-approved non-toxic compound that contains bimatoprost as its main component. Bimatoprost is present in a concentration of 0.03% and has proved to be an effective treatment for hypotrichosis – lack of eyelashes.

Latisse brings about a noticeable change in the growth and appearance of eyelashes. One can notice a significant improvement in diameter and hair density.

Latisse is only meant to be applied on the upper lash line. It spreads evenly between both the eyelashes upon blinking. Patients should be careful about the dosage – a single drop per eyelid – and should take care to not apply any to their lower lids.

Before the use of Latisse, you will need to come in for an evaluation of the skin around the eyelids and the area around eyes in general. Only when Dr. Lam has declared you fit for treatment should you take Latisse.

How Is It Applied?

Eyelids must be thoroughly washed before Latisse is applied. A clean and sterile applicator is used to apply a single drop of Latisse on the upper eyelid. A few quick consecutive blinks ensure that the serum is spread evenly between both the eyelids.

The applicator should be used only once and then disposed of immediately, so you will need to use a fresh applicator for each eyelid.

The Effects of Latisse

Latisse takes multiple applications for the effects to be optimal. It takes about 16 weeks of consistent usage for the eyelashes to be fully enhanced. Interrupting the use of Latisse will cause the lashes to eventually revert back to their usual condition. Some of the effects of Latisse are a significant improvement in the length, enhanced thickness of hair, and a deeper more noticeable color. New lashes will grow in areas that have experienced lash loss.

After Latisse use, the patient might experience slight redness, which disappears within a short period of time. The effects of Latisse have not been tested on pregnant women, so speak with your doctor if you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant.

Come In for a Latisse Consultation with Dr. Lam

Dr. Nicholas Lam, an experienced and well-respected physician, is the right medical professional to talk to regarding Latisse use for eyelash growth. To schedule your appointment for a consultation, contact us today.