Your skin needs more nourishment and care during the colder months, both on the outside and from within. And while it’s easy to load up on starches and sweets in the winter, these food favorites can wreak havoc on skin. This year, load up on skin-healthy winter veggies to keep your skin happy and healthy!


Asparagus is a wonderful winter veggie and can balance out an evening meal easily. But, it also has cleansing properties! Asparagus rids the body of toxins which can help you get a beautiful glow!


Carrots are great for your eyes, but they are also high in Vitamin A, which protects your already-vulnerable winter skin from harmful UVA rays. Also, Vitamin A helps with the appearance of aging, pigmentation, and even acne.

If you don’t like munching on carrots by themselves, try drinking carrot juice! You get the most nutritional benefits when they are uncooked.


It’s no wonder Popeye couldn’t get enough of spinach, it is loaded with vitamins and minerals that are essential for beautiful skin! Whether you have it for lunch or add it in to your dinner, spinach is a great way to get those essential nutrients that help repair damaged skin.

Winter Squash

Squash is a dynamic veggie that can be added to almost everything! Here in New Mexico, we love our calabacitas, but you can also add winter squash to pastas, salads, and soups! It’s great for your face too, as it’s high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both of which aid in cell turnover and promote collagen production.


Often forgotten as “rabbit’s food,” radishes are full of important nutrients that can help skin stay hydrated and problem-free in the winter months. High in B vitamins, zinc, and vitamin C, radishes are an essential winter vegetable for skin health.

Remember – a skin-healthy diet is just one piece of the skin health puzzle! During the winter, remember to give your skin the extra care it needs to avoid premature aging and wrinkles.