As New Mexico’s No. 1 provider of Botox® and the Juvéderm® family of fillers, Nicholas Lam, M.D. has a strong passion for providing the highest quality of medical aesthetic care to his patients. It is Dr. Lam’s decades of experience and board-certified expertise that has led him to become the TOP injector in the state, a status no other physician or non-physician injector in New Mexico has ever reached.

We asked Dr. Lam to share more about his experience administering injectables, specifically lip filler, and how to get your best results:

Q: What sets AlluraDerm apart from other medical spas in terms of their injectable treatments?
A: We are the #1 provider of lip fillers in the state. We do more than anyone in the state and more patients trust us and refer their friends and family to us.

Q: Is there a secret to the most flattering lip augmentations?
A: 1. To understand what the fillers can and cannot do in various lip anatomy. Unfortunately, that understanding comes from a lot of book work, experience and an innate ability to adjust to the patients’ anatomy in a dynamic fashion.

2. To understand and cater for the interplay of anatomy surrounding the lip tissue which will affect how the lip fillers will perform.

3. To understand the harmony of the lips as it pertains to the rest of the face and that ultimately, it is another form of self-expression.

Q: What are the biggest injector mistakes you see?
A: The biggest mistake is to not understand the limitations of a lip filler or the pros and cons of a technique. Too often patients may be fixated on “less is more” or “go big or go home” when sometimes more is better and sometimes more is worse. Sometimes technique A is better and sometimes technique B is better.

Q: Are there tips for a patient to reduce side effects or get their best results? How much control does a patient really have?
A: Side effects are a function of the injector, the product and the patient. Choose a good injector and use a good product and follow the post treatment instructions to reduce the side effects and to get the best results.

Q: Do you ever turn a patient away from getting lip fillers?
A: We believe that we want to create positivity. If we feel that we are not a good fit, we defer them to another practice because it is not about doing more, it is about doing good.

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