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Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean you should stop protecting your skin! In fact, early fall is the best time to revamp your skin care routine and reverse any damage caused by the hot Albuquerque summer. Receiving facials and treatments at our medical spa is a sure-fire way to maintain skin care all year long, but your beauty routine at home has an impact as well. Using the right products in tandem with your treatments will ultimately leave you with the best results. That’s why I’ve provided 5 of my favorite SkinMedica® skin care products to help cleanse, tone, and rejuvenate your skin.

1. SkinMedica Facial Cleanser: This product is SkinMedica’s highest rated cleanser, approved for all skin types. It works to remove unwanted oil, makeup, and environmental pollutants to gently purify and cleanse. It can be used as a daily part of your routine and won’t dry out your skin.

2. SkinMedica Rejuvenate Toner: This toner gently exfoliates by removing dead cells and impurities from your pores, while simultaneously refining skin and balancing its pH value. Plus, it contains natural antioxidant-rich ingredients like green tea leaf extract and witch hazel extract that your skin will love!

3. SkinMedica TOTAL DEFENSE + REPAIR SPF 34: Although you won’t be in the sun as much, sunscreen should still be applied daily. This super-powered product is a two-in-one sunscreen that prevents sun damage and rejuvenates at the same time. After extended use it will help to improve firmness and elasticity. Customers can also receive a $10 instant-rebate through Brilliant Distinctions when they purchase this product from our medical spa.

4. TNS Essential Serum: This all-in-one serum is definitely essential. It contains 7 powerful antioxidants and works to reduce the appearance of fine lines while balancing the texture and tone of skin.

5. TNS Lip Plump System: Who doesn’t love a great lip-plumper? This patented TNS blend boosts the fullness of collagen in the lips to make them appear smoother and more voluminous. You can apply it throughout the day as needed, and it’s the perfect size to toss in your purse or keep in your pocket when you’re out on the go.

During the month of September, 2015, purchase the TNS Essential Serum and receive the TNS Lip Plump System for free (a $58 value)! Visit our specials page to learn more.

SkinMedica is a physician-approved line that offers defensive and reparative treatments in all their products and are clinically tested and formulated by scientists who have an intimate understanding of skin care and the aging process. Schedule a consultation to learn what products and treatments are best for your skin.