Are you new to skincare? All of the information on the internet can seem a little daunting, but the basics of skincare are fairly simple: keep your skin clean, moist and protected. AlluraDerm MD Med Spa shares our simple skincare routine for beginners here.

The Beginner’s Guide to Skincare

The basics steps of any good skincare routine include wash, tone and moisturize. These steps should be completed twice per day, morning and night:

1. Wash

Wash using a cleanser that removes makeup, oil and dirt from the skin. If you have dry skin, try a creamy cleanser. If you have oily skin, a light cleaner is best to remove oil without adding anything to the skin. SkinMedica® has a number of quality cleaners to choose from for every type of skin.

One great way to cleanse your face is using a cotton ball to wash in circular motions. Don’t rub too hard, because that can lead to irritation, dryness and—yes—even acne!

2. Tone

It’s important to balance your skin’s pH after cleansing by applying a toner. Toners reduce pore size and prep the skin for moisturizer. Choose a toner that is light, fragrance-free and non-drying. Just like you don’t want a cleanser that’s too harsh, you also don’t want a toner that strips the skin of all its oils!

3. Moisturize

For the morning, choose a moisturizer that has a sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher, such as SkinMedica® Daily Physical Defense. Sunscreen is the most important anti-aging product available and it assists in skin cancer protection. Use it every morning to keep your skin safe and beautiful for years to come.

Moisturizer should be applied right after toning while the skin is still damp so that the skin can absorb as much moisture as possible. You don’t necessarily need to wear sunscreen at night—just make sure the moisturizer you choose is not greasy!

Exfoliating scrubs and masks should be used about once per week, or twice per week if you have oily skin. Scrubs gently remove dead skin cells while masks purify the skin. Try SkinMedica®’s AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser and the SkinMedica® Purifying Masque.

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