Skin Fillers

What is your filler choice?

Many people confuse Botox® and fillers as the same thing, but actually, each has different benefits to creating a more youthful appearance to the face. In fact, getting both is often the best way to optimize the youthful results of using these treatments.

There are two main differences between fillers and Botox®: Botox® smoothes out lines, and fillers fill in lines. You can get both treatments at the same time in what we at AlluraDerm MD Med Spa call a “liquid facelift”.

Botox® & Fillers Complement Each Other

As we age, the lines in our face that used to only occur with facial movement often become a permanent thing. People often think they have to choose between Botox® and fillers, but in truth, both procedures complement each other. You can treat deep lines and wrinkles with either cosmetic fillers or Botox®, or a combination of both.

Botox® is used to reduce muscle movement and smooth wrinkles. It gives a more relaxed, youthful appearance to the face but does not plump any areas (such as the cheeks) like fillers do.

Botox® works on dynamic lines that are caused by muscle movement. Since it reduces muscle movement, Botox® prevents patients from using facial muscles and diminishes the lines and wrinkles that accompany facial movement.

Fillers like Juvèderm are used to plump folds and hollows in the face, usually under the eyes and the lines around the mouth. Think of fillers as plumping the grooves of the skin.

Fillers work on static lines. These are the lines that are there whether or not there is facial movement. They often create shadows on the face that give the appearance of aging.

Botox® AND Juvèderm® are on Sale!

If you are thinking about getting Botox® and/or Juvèderm in time for the holidays, you are in luck: AlluraDerm MD Med Spa is having specials on both now through December 31!

Juvèderm is just $475 per syringe, and Botox® is just $11 per unit. You will also have the opportunity to receive an instant $25 off on each procedure through our Brilliant Distinctions Rewards program.

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