Winter is quickly approaching. Is your skin ready? While people often worry about the effects of high temperatures and sun exposure during the summer, they often give very little thought to one of the biggest threats that happens during the winter: dehydration. Hydrated skin is happy skin, but keeping skin properly hydrated in the winter can be tricky. Find out why it’s so important to keep your skin hydrated—and pick up a few great tips for doing so—below.

The Benefits of Water

The single best way to keep yourself and your skin hydrated is by drinking plenty of water. If you aren’t already in the habit of carrying around a bottle of water all day, it’s time that you started to do so. In terms of hydration, nothing beats old-fashioned H2O. In addition to hydrating the body, it flushes toxins from the skin. As those toxins are flushed out, skin becomes more radiant and attractive. You can see for yourself by upping your water intake right away.

Be Careful with Caffeine

If you’re the type of person who turns to caffeinated beverages throughout the day, you might want to break that habit. While caffeine can give you a nice little boost, it can also dehydrate your body. The more caffeine you consume during the day the less benefits you’ll derive from drinking water. As your skin becomes dehydrated, its appearance begins to suffer. It’s just not worth it, so limit your caffeine intake.

Get Regular Facials

There’s another great way to promote the hydration of your skin: facials. By paying regular visits to the spa and getting facial treatments, you can keep your skin as exfoliated as possible. When skin is properly exfoliated, it is easier to keep it hydrated. Besides, dead skin cells can dull the appearance of the skin. Who needs that?

By keeping proper hydration in mind, you’ll be able to keep your skin happy, healthy and radiant all winter long. Invest in a water bottle, set up an appointment for a facial and stay away from caffeine to keep your skin looking great through the winter holidays and beyond!